Our Academy At Sea  is designed to assist students with any weak areas and accelerate the strong areas while balancing it all with real life experience and fast paced adventures.

Underwater Adventures

Ocean Voyages

A core part of our programs for over 20 years has been exploring the world at sea. The skills gained while crossing oceans can not be matched by any land based activity on Earth and the adventures are beyond the wildest dreams of most land locked teens! 

There is a level of confidence that a student achieves while participating aboard an ocean crossing vessel, that once achieved is never lost. Leadership skills are honed at sea to a higher level than any land based program can deliver and the general skills  of life all come vividly into play, so can be fine tuned as well. Only at sea can a student achieve the highest levels of advanced leadership and personal skills that truly prepare them for success in the modern world within a reasonable period of time. 

We offer truly amazing ocean crossing adventures to our students and encourage everyone to challenge themselves and reach for the next level while making new friendships that can last a lifetime and seeing places, things and people that the rest of the world only sees on a screen.

Ultimate Adventure Academy

The Ultimate Adventure Academy has been participating in coral research and inspection for over a decade and we are proud of our accomplishments. Our students participate with scientists from around the world inspecting coral, taking water samples and doing other requested observations to help track the health of the reefs. We are finding that the reefs are the first warning of problems in the oceans and the first calling card of improvements. 

We look forward to many more dives with our students while we continue our programs and projects around the world. 

Our students also free dive, exploring wrecks and other interesting underwater finds as we explore the world.