Our Academy At Sea  is designed to assist students with any weak areas and accelerate the strong areas while balancing it all with real life experience and fast paced adventures.

We individualize and customize our programs to meet the specific need and interest of our students.

No two students have identical needs or interests, so our programs are tailored to each student. Each student is assisted to excel but to do this at his or her own ideal pace while reaching for new skills and understandings that can be used to continue to excel throughout their lifetime.  

Full High School Educations from one semester to a 4 year program with an accredited diploma once a course of study is completed.

Life is an ADVENTURE! Your education should be an adventure to prepare you for life. Don't settle for anything less than a full range of academics along with the life skills needed to achieve the success you want. We help students from all over the world to meet  a full range of life challenges!

Our single semester to full four year education programs truly prepare our students for the challenges of an ever changing global social and economic structure.  We give our students the upper hand with these ever  changing resources and challenges. 

​​Special Tutoring Programs that range from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Though education is constantly changing along with the demands that spring from this, the true fundamentals about how to study and learn do not. Our students become truly independent learners, with the skills to learn anything more quickly and easily. With this increased understanding of the basics of study and learning, our students pursue knowledge, knowledge does not have to pursue them.

We have found that even the best students can run into an unexpected bug. Complex mathematics, ever expanding sciences, multiple languages and far more can be tripping points along the way. 

We have had wonderful success with having students come to visit us for tutoring in areas that are troubling them. 

While visiting in paradise and learning life skills, study skills and more we can "peel back" the indicators and find the real  cause and source of the problem that is hiding beneath apparent troubles and provide the solution to overcome what ever barrier they have hit.. 

With the real source of the problem isolated, the restoration of rapid study and successes in life is nearly assured.


10 to 14 Day Basic Leadership Program. 30 Day to 6 month Advanced Leadership Programs are available.

​Our leadership program is based on the idea that leaders are needed in society and that leaders are made - not born. 

​​We help our students find, or gain certainty on, their dreams and enhance their willingness and belief in their ability to make those dreams come true.

Alexander the Great, Winston Churchill, George Washington, Martin Luther King and all of the other great leaders throughout history each had someone to help prepare them for leadership roles. 

The difference between a true leader who is prepared to guide people towards a goal and someone who has been forced to guide a project or company without being prepared is the difference between success and many painful failures along the way.

After exhaustive study and years of practice we have distilled the most important qualities of a leader and have created a program to help the future leaders to get ready to lead anything from a sports team to a nation. 

The basic 10 day leadership program gives the most basic skills in an intensive program that helps to prepare and stabilize future leaders. 

Longer programs allow for fine tuning and practice of these ultimate skills for pursuing ones goals and dreams and create a true team that can help move any barrier required to get there.

Ultimate Adventure Academy