Testimonials and Success 

Our Academy At Sea  is designed to assist students with any weak areas and accelerate the strong areas while balancing it all with real life experience and fast paced adventures.

Ultimate Adventure Academy

With over 20 years of helping teens to prepare for the ever changing world around us, there have been uncountable lives that have been changed for the better. Here is a small selection of the acknowledgements that we have gotten. 

“My time on Adventure has been an experience that I will never forget. I have been introduced to new things and people. It is a whole different lifestyle down here and it is a very nice lifestyle to live. This has been a trip that has helped me to get away from the craziness of life. Thank you for giving me the experience of a lifetime.” - A.H.

“Capt. Scott and skipper Ron,

Please accept our thanks for making the summer a time to remember for our grandchildren. The Sailing program coordinated through the Boys and Girls club was an exciting activity for both of them. Jess enjoyed the experience, but it as Pete who really looked forward to the days when he could sail. Both of the children were born and grew up in this area, but have never been on a sailboat before. It was great for the kids and rewarding for our family to see an activity that was so much fun and at the same time a sport that they could enjoy for a life time.

Good sailing and thank you!“ - L.C. 

"I really appreciate all your care, tremendous warmth and genius.  My horizons have just begun to open up – and I’m really looking forward to the future with more enthusiasm that I have in a long while!”

"What I notice about me now in the aftermath of working with you is that whenever I think about my purpose … I feel moved to get into action! … I can actually feel something "lining up" when my attention goes on the purpose.  It's as if I string the thought to "the energy" and the two "hook up" perfectly.  It's actually exhilarating!"

"Ever since I did the [program] with you, my future seems to be a lot more clear and there is a lot less confusion.  My goals are in the right place now.  [I] couldn't believe the change on my view on life already.  A lot of weight had been lifted off my shoulders after that, and I just want to say Thank You once again."