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​Life should be an Adventure - your Education should prepare you for it.

​In an ever changing world, today's teens are facing challenges that their grandparents never dreamed of and parents might not be ready for. The skills required to help guide teens towards a successful life are changing. Our programs are designed to help both students and parents with these new and sometimes daunting challenges. 


We Can Help

  • Tutoring

  • Leadership skills

  • Accredited High School diploma

  • ​Home School Support

  • College prep.


Our Services

Ultimate Leaders Academy

Almost anyone can teach you to lead a sports team or a unit of people who are all on the same page, but in real life this is usually not the case. We teach leadership skills for the real world.

A true leader has to be able to rapidly evaluate the personnel that are available, the situation that you are in, the actual resources and then lead the current team towards the goals.

This is our specialty.

Ultimate Teen Help

Over the last 25 years we have been helping teens to navigate the ever more tricky road to adulthood. The challenges that teens face grow larger and more complex every year.  We have honed our skills and techniques along the way to help them chart a course through these pitfalls.

Ultimate Tutoring Academy

The ability to study and the confidence in being able to study are a key to surviving in an ever changing world.

We individualize and customize our accredited educational programs to meet the specific need and interest of our students.

Seamless Education that allows you to study with us, study via the internet and transfer back home to your local school if needed.


Uplifted Youth

My time on Adventure has been an experience that I will never forget. I have been introduced to new things and people. It is a whole different lifestyle down here and it is a very nice lifestyle to live. This has been a trip that has helped me to get away from the craziness of life. Thank you for giving me the experience of a lifetime.


I really appreciate all your care, tremendous warmth and genius.  My horizons have just begun to open up – and I’m really looking forward to the future with more enthusiasm that I have in a long while!


What I notice about me now in the aftermath of working with you is that whenever I think about my purpose … I feel moved to get into action! … I can actually feel something "lining up" when my attention goes on the purpose.  It's as if I string the thought to "the energy" and the two "hook up" perfectly.  It's actually exhilarating!


Our Partners and Supporters

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