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In an ever changing world, teens are facing challenges and given resources that our parents never dreamed of. The skills required to help guide teens towards a successful life are changing. Our programs are designed to help both students and parents with these new and sometimes daunting challenges. 

In the new global community, students need to have a wider view of the planet and the people who live on it. As a result, they benefit from reaching out into the world and expanding their horizons. We have spent over 25 years building and expanding our programs to help teens find their strengths and additionally to the help bolster their weaknesses to help them keep up with the changes and to thrive. 

As we move through the new millennia and as the world moves from localized to global economies, the education that is required to succeed has changed along with the communication skills, leadership skills and more. 

The skills that are learned in a closed high school classroom can fade over time, while the skills that are derived from or reinforced by exploring the world, are never lost. 

Contact us now to talk to our admissions specialist to start your teen on the adventure of a lifetime. 







Over the last 25 years we have worked with teens to help prepare them for the challenges of a constantly changing world. While doing this we found that the standard education systems are designed for a "normal" or "average" student - but we have never met one of these "normal" or "average" students. Our program is designed to assist students with any weak areas and accelerate the strong areas while balancing it all with real life experience and fast paced adventures.

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