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With over 25 years of helping teens to prepare for the ever changing world around us, there have been uncountable lives that have been changed for the better. Here is a small selection of the acknowledgements that we have gotten.

Ever since I did the [program] with you, my future seems to be a lot more clear and there is a lot less confusion.  My goals are in the right place now.  [I] couldn't believe the change on my view on life already.  A lot of weight had been lifted off my shoulders after that, and I just want to say Thank You once again.


Great approach to help children to learn and become reliable young adults!


What I achieved @Ultimate Adventure Academy - I got to go to Hawaii Oahu. I've learn how to truly love and respect my parents. I am not insecure about myself in any way now. I've learned and applied how to be myself. I got a tan and natural highlights into my hair and I got fit so that I almost have a six pack. I got to learn what Hawaii is really all about. I learned some Japanese.


I really appreciate all your care, tremendous warmth and genius.  My horizons have just begun to open up – and I’m really looking forward to the future with more enthusiasm that I have in a long while!


My son changed so much. Before Ultimate Adventure Academy he was not able to function in life, he barely could concentrate and study, he didn't want to meet new friends. After traveling the world with Ultimate Adventure he is a new person. He has no problems with study, he loves spending time with his friends and helping me and his dad with anything we need. Thank you! I highly recommend this school


I can't believe how different I am after spending a year in this school. I really hated everything and everyone. And now not only my hate is gone but I am ready to take over the world with understanding and respect of those around me. Thank you Capt. Scott for saving my life. I am grateful for your time and attention and the most important lessons of my lie.


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